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Real Post

RealPostTM eliminates the need to build posts onsite, prime and wrap. RealPostTM is manufactured from an appearance grade, Western Canadian SPF, in partnership with Synergy Pacific. RealPostTM is a uniquely designed Structural Post that is revolutionizing the industry. A simple top-coat is all that you need to save time and money.

Designed for single & multi-family developments, RealPostTM enables builders easy installation, labour savings, and a superior post versus solid wood and "on-site" built posts.  

"When it comes to appearance, quality, service and price;
RealPostTM is the obvious choice."

Andrew Hancock - D.R. Horton

Your Framing Solutions for Porch Post Installations

  • Factory Primed & End-Sealed
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal Waste
  • No Wrapping Required
  • Hollow Center for Wiring
  • Won't Twist or Warp
  • Multiple Lengths

Eliminate all your post call-backs with RealPostTM

4x4   10' - 12'
6x6    8' - 10' - 12'
8x8   10'

Structurally Certified
With structural certification, RealPostTM offers the security and benefits to architects and designers resulting in flexible building designs.  

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