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Lee Lite Scaffold Plank
Available in
1.7" x 9.5"        8' - 10' - 12' - 16'
1.7" x 11.75"    8' - 10' - 12' - 16'  
Cut to your specifications.

  • Under OSHA regulations engineered planks may replace solid sawn wood planks. The maximum spans above are based on the maximum intended load as specified and are based on OSHA and CSA criteria for stress, stiffness and design.
  • Above table data applies to single span use under "dry" conditions (moisture content less than 19%) for untreated planks with no preservatives or fire retardants added.
  • Load data applies to LeeLiteTM Planks properly used in a flat position and with adequate end-bearing.
  • Load capacity is not limited by maximum horizontal shear at end supports.
  • In the U.S. data table: Light (One Man) is defined as the mid-span load of a 250-pound worker plus normal tools and the weight of the plank. Medium (Two Men) or Heavy (Three Men) is as above, with workers positioned 18 in. apart (as per OSHA specifications).
  • Deflection limits bases upon applied loads do not include the plank weight.
  • A safety factor of 4:1 is allowed in all plank sizings above, as per OSHA and CSA minimum acceptable standards.
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